Installing Getbhavcopy

Getbhavcopy is a FREE NSE and BSE ‘End of Day’ data downloader. This post explains the steps to Install and Configure Getbhavcopy.

Download directories

Throughout the Documentation, I assume that

Getbhavcopy data directories

.Net Framework dependency

Starting version 2.1.4a, Getbhavcopy requires .Net Framework 4.0 to be installed for it to work. I recommend using the .Net Framework 4.0 standalone installer for the same.

Download Getbhavcopy

Next download the latest version of Getbhavcopy from Getbhavcopy Download page. Getbhavcopy is distributed as a simple portable zip file. Download the zip file and extract it to C:\Getbhavcopy directory you created earlier.

Getbhavcopy extract zip file

Configuring Getbhavcopy options

When you start Getbhavcopy for the very first time, you will notice that the date selections and the ‘Download’ button are disabled. This is because Getbhavcopy Options are not yet configured. Setup Getbhavcopy Options. Once the options are set, the date range selections and ‘Download’ buttons will be enabled, and you will be able to download bhavcopy data.

Getbhavcopy Configuration

Hope this post helps you. Thanks for your continued support to Getbhavcopy.