website migrated to GitHub Pages

I have been hosting at for the past 7+ years and the experience has been great for all these years. I really liked their Blog, Forums and Membership modules that come integrated with their site experience. These features played an important part in establishing the Getbhavcopy community as we are today.

Lately I have noticed frequent downtimes on severs impacting the availability of In addiion to this, the cost of 50$ per year for the starter package appears to be a bit steep when compared to other options available today to host static websites, which were not available back in 2007. So I decided to migrate to Github Pages which is more closely integrated with the release process I plan to have for Getbhavcopy.

Starting 20th January 2017, is migrated to Github Pages, and the new look is based on my Jekyll theme hydeX. Initially the site functionality would be limited to Home pgae, Download page and Blog. I am working to get Documentation and previous Blog posts migrated from old website.

Comments to Blog posts are already enabled. If one wants to open a support issue, a functionality provided by Getbhavcopy Forum on the old website, then they can use the Github Issues module on the new site.

Request users to bear with me during this migration phase. The old site is still available and accessible at

Once again, thanks for your continued support to Getbhavcopy.